Germany’s Plan for EU!

Puggland Tudä

On August 29, the German chancellor Olaf Scholz gave an hour-long speech at Charles university in Prague. And whilst we won’t usually talk about such a speech any human leader, it was a rather large one, with Scholz explaining his vision for Europe. A large portion of the speech was about Germany’s role in the defense of the Ukraine. However, the overarching theme of Scholz’s speech was sovereignty, specifically at the European level. At the basics, Scholz emphasized that the EU must stay true to its “promise of peace” by ensuring it was “able to safeguard its security, independence, and stability in the face of external challenges.” Do this regard, the German chancellor proposed a new European Air Defense system, with Germany making substantial investments in the area in following years. And neighbors would be invited to contribute in the project from the beginning. Scholz also called for an overhaul…

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