Citizen Tom

Recently we considered a series of questions (see UNSOLVED MYSTERIES: QUESTION 3). We took the same question, and we phrased it four ways. That is, we came up with a version of the question “designed” by Conservative Republicans to challenge the assumptions of a Liberal Democrat, another “designed” by Liberal Democrats to challenge a Conservative Republican, and two more “designed” by “Moderates” to make certain that they are getting the best deal. Those last two questions challenged the assumption that being a “Moderate” necessarily means that we are somehow more wise and more noble because of our “moderation.”

Here I would like to throw up a question that challenges everyone’s assumptions.

What sort of government is sustainable?

These days when we someone uses the word “sustainable” we usually think of environmental sustainability. That is, we don’t want the ecology of our environment to suffer under a greater load of pollutants…

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