Truss, Sunak, And The China Obsession: When Will The West Grow Out Of It?

Empire Diaries

Nadim Siraj

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August 29, 2022: British politics is caught in an existential crisis this uneasy summer. Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have locked horns in a fierce contest to become the new British prime minister. But instead of brainstorming how to fix the UK’s economic crisis, if elected, the two Conservative Party rivals are tripping over each other trying to portray themselves as harsher critics of China.

Beijing is more than 8,000 km away from London. For a country struggling to handle its own historic cost-of-living crisis, the battle for the prime minister’s chair should focus on the burning issues at home, not on drumming up ill-conceived hatred of China.

Britain is in turmoil on multiple fronts. Inflation could go through the roof in the coming months and the cost of living worsen. The Bank of England predicts the economy could…

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