Survey on Conspiracist Beliefs and Attitudes

Going to complete the survey myself right now

Overdue Revolutions

I have set up a psychological survey that asks questions pertaining to the individual’s belief in conspiracies. I find that the existing psychological research in this field is poor, partly having to do with the fact that the researchers do not themselves believe in conspiracy theories. That is, as academics, they have strong incentives against seeing that the elites are lying to us all the time about everything. Consequently the working definition of a conspiracy theory in the psychological literature is “the unnecessary assumption of conspiracy when other explanations are more probable.”

The goal of this survey is to deduce the factor structure of conspiracist belief: the way in which belief in various conspiracies is correlated with belief in other conspiracies. For instance, what constellation of beliefs are you likely to hold if you believe JFK faked his death as opposed to being assassinated by a second shooter. Or likewise…

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