Leaders be Wary of Sycophants.


Leadership is a trust and a burden. It is a trust because it is entrusted to people whom moral rectitude is not in dispute. When you become a leader, you are like a trusted servant. Though this is in an ideal situation; not in a pseudo democratic setting—especially when democracy takes the character of the rule of the mob. Is it not even basically a rule of the mob? Well, this is debatable.

However, in an ideal clime, a leader of a people is their servant. A good leader is not the one that ensconces himself in his comfort sofa within the corridor of power and its trappings and distances himself from the hardships and grievances of those whom luck and providence favors him to rule over. He worsens his condition if he is surrounded by sycophants. Their shenanigans and lies will smoothen his path to the abyss of destruction…

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