Energy Resilience of France, Germany and Italy

Artificial Intuition

Europe is struggling with a severe energy crisis. The cost of energy has risen rapidly over the past few months, affecting families and companies. Numerous small businesses are forced to close. As everything relies on energy, the impact of its increasing costs is felt everywhere, independently of latitude or market sector. It is a systemic problem and can only be attacked as a such.

This article focuses on the resilience of the respective energy production systems in France, Germany and Italy. Not surprisingly, Italy has been hit the most (see article). In May 2022, the cost of 1MWh was of 197 Euros in France, 177 in Germany and 230 in Italy. Like in many sectors, Italy lacks a solid strategy when it comes to energy. The energy policy in any country is of strategic importance and is a long-term undertaking, with impacts that can last decades. In Italy, a…

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