We’re all guilty now

The Slog

To me at least, this is an important post – so I want every reader to be clear from the outset that, while the examples used are mostly personal, I am not playing the ‘Poor Me’ card. Having a largely contrarian outlook on life, I do some things differently to most people.
Sometimes they work, and quite often they don’t – but they’re pretty much always based on expectation; an expectation that the urgent mundane must be set aside for a while in order to deal with an important rarity. History is replete with famous last words along the lines of “I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explanation and you’re making a mountain out of aaaaaarg”.
It is my considered opinion that Homo sapiens has reached a point of not so much important rarity as uniquely catastrophic cultural bankruptcy.

Never before in our species history has every last competent adult…

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