The Password Story


“Oh, It’s complicated!”

– Most of us

This is the story of that everyday you, fallen in love with the linux for it’s serene beauty, robust handsomeness or maybe you wanted to flirt with flair and flavor of linux.. you know the reasons!

We evolved from the humble, shy black-background-green-text beginnings to sassy, flirtatious, almost seductive linux flavours. Oh boy! that relation has came too far.
From geeking out onto the terminals, to theming the heck out of our linux systems to make them look like the sci-fi spaceship console or punk garage band advertisement whatever.. we did it all. As we progressed so did our insecurities and those linux angels decided to tighten the screws and In comes the “Password Complexity”.

This thing wasn’t there when we (At least I) started out. In those olden days we could simply install ubuntu and can login with out standard 12345 password…

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