THE NEXUS: A full explanation of the construction of ‘Covid’.

Incredible work


Let me be blunt (and I’ll be somewhat more professional afterward): If anyone you show this to doesn’t get it, they’re not too bright.

Ok, now let me continue…

Once upon a time, there was a Prince who had his wife murdered because he had been in love with an old hag even well before he married the Princess but the old hag was already married plus he and his family wanted offspring with good genes. So he married the beautiful Princess who, obviously, had bad taste.

Prior to marrying the Princess and having her murdered however, the Prince was brought up in a family which considered themselves “blue bloods” unlike the riff raff they lorded it over. They had needed the riff raff as canon fodder and to mine coal and keep their lights on however so they put up with them. However, the riff raff were multiplying far…

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2 thoughts on “THE NEXUS: A full explanation of the construction of ‘Covid’.

  1. Thanks Eric because it took one hell of a long time to compile, set out, try and make it flow and write. Very few views however and yet, to me, it couldn’t be much clearer. I think people just can’t be bothered when they see the length of it. However, to read it is a fraction of the time it took to write it. Appreciate your reblogging it. Cheers.

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    1. It appears that alot of your work has flown under the radar for too long. I am going to read more of your “Top Posts” you have designated as such in the right widget panel…the investigative nature of your work is highly appreciated


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