The Covid-activist Daniel Uhlfelder loses to the BLM-Soros candidate Aramis Ayala: an appraisal of the Florida attorney general election race of 2022

Remember, the World Economic Forum and United Nations (as well as the GIFCT, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, BlackRock, Carlyle Group, Verizon, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Apple, Chatham House, Oppenheimer, OECD, NATO, USAID, WTO, governors of California and New York, Dutch Shell, PayPal, Coinbase, Liz Cheney, CNN, Fox News, the Sayanim, Shin Bet and your local Pozzed up teachers unions state that citing Soros doing this is wrong think, it’s antisemitic, it’s arachnophobic and it’s causing climate change (as well as hindering democracy Ukraine )

Hail To You

Having followed the Democratic primary elections in Florida over the past month and more on these pages, it is worthwhile to make a short post to note the results. Daniel Uhlfelder, the Covid-activist of worldwide fame in 2020, lost.

This, I expect, will close out discussion (for now) on the politically interesting figure of Daniel Uhlfelder and his significance.

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I have two previous long-form investigate essays on Daniel Uhlfelder, of sufficient length and detail that together (and including running commentary in the discussion-threads attached to them) they practically amount to the core of a short political-biography of one man and his place in the Corona-Panic:

For those looking for a…

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