That’s Not a Counter Offensive, That’s an Exercise in Stupidity

Not Something Else

Well, it was meant to be a Ukraine counter offensive against Russian forces occupying what will soon be Russian territory. It’s now a heap of smouldering wrecks and hundreds of dead bodies. Such foolishness defines Ukraine’s leadership (and its NATO mentors).

The title of the related story below (as so many machine translations of Russian to English do), carries an unfortunate error [the word ‘by’ is missing] which gives entirely the wrong impression of the event. Though any translation effort carries a similar inherent risk. Thankfully, the inside story is correctly relayed.

‘The Russian Defense Ministry announced a failed attempt to attack the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ – RIA Novosti

Since there have been no other overnight reports, I assume the massive missile and helicopter strike out of Crimea (see below) had something to do with this mayhem. Is this the last we shall see of Ukraine offensive operations towards the…

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