So You Wanna Be a Hero?

The Neo-Ciceronian Times

Every society in human history has had its heroes. This is a constant of the human condition that you can’t ever get away from. It is innate within human nature to seek for and admire the heroic, those who do things above and beyond the capacities of the regular person. The Anglo-Saxons had Beowulf. The Vikings had the Aesir (who, if Carlyle is to be believed, were originally just great kings and warriors). The Romans has Camillus and Horatius and the rest. Yet, these heroes set examples that inspired those willing to face adversity to perform daring deeds of their own. In each case, those who grew up hearing their stories were often emboldened toward their own gallantry and prowess.

Once upon a time, American society was no different. In fact, we had two sources from which to draw upon for heroic material – the Bible and our own frontier…

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