Old windfarm blades causing problems in Nolan County


Old windfarm blades causing problems in Nolan County

byTyler GreeneThursday, August 25th 2022

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<img src=”https://ktxs.com/resources/media2/16×9/full/1015/center/80/de15075d-f9ce-4049-8e2c-dc8e7c302c1b-large16x9_WindTurbine1.JPG” alt=”Wind Turbine Site 1 (Ethan Whittenburg)

Wind Turbine Site 1 (Ethan Whittenburg)<p>{/p}

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SWEETWATER, Texas —The wind farms in Nolan County brought big bucks into the area, but with those turbines needing new blades after a few years, finding a place to store the old blades was becoming a challenge.

However, one company approached offered a possible solution and the city of Sweetwater was all ears the company would store the old blades in two facilities and then break the fiberglass blades down and sell them to other companies.

But, according to Miesha Adames, the company brought the blades but that’s all and the perspective from above shows how vast these piles are,

“These piles have been sitting here since 2018 and we estimate that between this site and the other site on Highway 70, that…

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