“Meritorious Vacuum” • Ron DeSantis for President in 2024

When I wrote this, it is meant to focus on the Governor’s “metadata” – that is, objectively his military service, Juris Doctorate and his experience in public office… attributes that must be mandatory for eligibility to run for POTUS

Calculus of Decay

By: Eric

Vacuum Concept in Physics

In school, physics class, we completed exercises and it was commonly noted these laws of physics exist “in a vacuum“.

An example; an object that falls through a vacuum is subjected to only one external force, gravity, so be it a cotton ball or marble, the free fall is only determined by gravitational force. Both objects will have equal acceleration – 9.8 meters per square second – in the vacuum.

Outside the vacuum, weight, size, shape, friction, elevation levels, mass/density, etc – of course will affect the rate of acceleration in free fall of the cotton ball vs the marble.

Politics Does Not Take Place in a Vacuum

American leadership is plagued, beyond redemption, by outside factors: elections, policy enactment, partisanship, “special interests”, ideological frameworks, current events, social issues, media pressure, economic conditions, geopolitical matters, disinformation, misinformation, bias, hyperbole, rumors, speculation, lies…

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