Immigration – How Democracy Leads to Demographic Replacement

Political Reactionary

Democracy is evil for many reasons, but important one is that it promotes a form of genocide known as population replacement.

The Left claims that it supports mass immigration for various reasons. Morals (all humans are equal! If you disagree, you are racist!), economy (we need workers!), and so on. And all of these are, to an extent, true. But these are just surface-level details. In the root of leftist policies is always will for power. Any political ideology always seeks to dominate its environment as a means of survival, and this is no less true for various Marxist ideologies. As such, modern Left is attempting to ensure its continuing supremacy by any means necessary.

And immigration policy is a key element in this approach, simply due to the nature of democracy. Thanks to social state, immigrants in modern day predominantly come to exploit the country they are arriving to…

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