FBI raid: False premises, first principles, and friends like these

Confessions of a Conservative Atheist

A heavily redacted affidavit prompts more questions than answers, but much larger issues are at stake.  Can anyone supersede the President’s classification powers?  What if the information was declassified as Trump says and the entire investigation is based on a false premise?  Why has no one answered that question?  Who’s in charge of Presidential records, a former President or a bureaucrat?  Why would anyone think it’s a bureaucrat?

There was near universal agreement following the release of the redacted affidavit justifying the FBI raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence last week:  The heavily blacked out document raises more questions than answers, revealing little more than we already knew.  The affidavit begins by stating “The government is conducting a criminal investigation concerning the improper removal and storage of classified information in unauthorized spaces, as well as the unlawful concealment or removal of government records.  The investigation began as a…

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