Europe legalises global lawlessness

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Europe has been reduced to a place of theft and lawlessness. Properties are being stolen, confiscated and sold without any crime committed. Today Russian nationals. Tomorrow you.

The last days of the age of mercy, will be full of theft and lawlessness. When the rule of law collapses, anarchy and chaos will follow. Just an foretold in the Bible. Satan and his goons shall reign for a brief period of time. When the western culture is erased and redused to rubble, all will hail the emerging false Messiah, who bring back order. His reign will be based on falsehood, setting aside the Word of God. This man will be terminated when the true Messiah return to Jerusalem.

It is not only Russian bilionairs who have lost their properties. Ordinary Russian citizens who have worked n Europe for deccades, have got their bank accounts frozen.

Source: Moscow times.

The last false…

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