DOD Corruption: Proof and Consequences

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Corruption at the Department of Defense (DOD) has resulted in the Solomon Islands signing a security pact with China and more recently denying a port of call entry for a US Coast Guard cutter. The largest island in the Solomon islands is Guadalcanal which was famous for the battle against Japan that started on August 7, 1942 and lasted for 6 months.

Today I will attempt to explain the connection between corruption and America’s rapid decline as a world power.

Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr Mark Skidmore have documented the theft of tens of trillions of dollars from US government agencies, mostly the DOD. Dr Skidmore has joined the ranks of those who have said they believe that the Wall Street Elite has been allowed to sell trillions of dollars in US Treasury bonds, pocket the money and send a bill to the taxpayers to pay both the principle and…

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