Update: Depression Worse Than 1923 Germany, 1933 America is Coming

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Update: A highly disturbing article from Bloomberg was posted at Zero Hedge this evening. There are people smarter than I am who know more about finances but they usually do not want to protect people from Wall Street Bankers. This article said that the velocity of money is increasing and is driving inflation with it.

I once wrote an article in which I explained that America had survived 20% inflation under Paul Volcker. I concluded that we had survived 20% but could not survive 25% annual inflation. I said hyperinflation would begin at 25% and that we would soon thereafter lose our status as an international reserve currency. The late Bob Chapman was asked about my view and he agreed as at 25% the value of a dollar is cut in half every 3 years. So Sergey Glazyev’s plan for BRICS and the Global South to combine to end the…

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