The dollar milkshake theory.

currency vs. money

One thing you have to understand is that every currency on the planet is a fiat currency. Currency backed by nothing that can be printed into unlimited quantity. This all started on August 15th, 1971. (I have gone over the details on how this came to be in previous blogs.) So “money” as we know it is, is only 50 years old.

Since 1971. Every country has been printing, and printing, and printing currency. Some more then others, some less then others. Fast forward to 2022, and now we are seeing massive inflation on a global scale! It’s not supply shortages, greedy corporations, or Putin. Its central banks, and bad government policies. Every currency is dying, and it is a race to the bottom.

Now let’s talk bond yields. What’s a bond? A bond is issued by a government, saying loan me $1000 today, and over a time period I’ll…

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