The Bill of Rights is Dead. Long Live the Bill of Rights.


When I predict Trump will end up in an orange jump suit, or that America will break up as a Union, most conservatives do NOT agree with me.

I WANT to be wrong. So I’m eager to hear the REASONS why I’m wrong. I really am. But so far, I have been disappointed. All I get are things like leftist-ish hostility: “If you’re going to be a defeatist, then shut up.” But I don’t claim that defeat is inevitable. Good guys can beat the bad guys without a problem — but not when the good guys are afraid of making somebody mad, as most of the good guys are.

Or I hear, “This is America. It can’t happen here.” This is magical thinking of the worst order. The whole reason for a Bill of Rights is to PREVENT it from happening here. In large measure, it worked for a couple…

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