The Beach

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History of the Beach — A Look Thru Time

For many families vacation time means a trip to the beach. 

The leisure sport of vacationing at the beach is fairly modern.

One of the earliest seaside resorts opened in the 1720s in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. Bathing Machines were introduced in 1735. These were wooden carts that were rolled into the sea.[…]

History of the Beach — A Look Thru Time

Inventing the Beach: The Unnatural History of a Natural Place — Smithsonian

[…]From antiquity up through the 18th century, the beach stirred fear and anxiety in the popular imagination. The coastal landscape was synonymous with dangerous wilderness; it was where shipwrecks and natural disasters occurred. Where a biblical flood engulfed the world. In classical mythology, the wrath of the ocean is a major theme; the beach a bearer of misfortune. Tears flow on Homer’s shores while monsters lurk in the…

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