Systemic Risks, ItalEXIT and the Placebo Effect

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Artificial Intuition

The idea of Italy leaving the Euro and the European Union is being exploited by danger-thirsty politicians in the light of the upcoming elections on September 25-th. This project appears reckless to any fair-minded person with a minimal dose of unsentimental realism. We have analysed this in a recent article. In this article we wish to focus more on the systemic aspects of a hypothetical ItalEXIT. Those economists that focus their analyses of ItalEXIT on its impact on Italy and Italy alone, resort to evasive and euphemistic arguments that exploit the reservoir of credulity of the uneducated public.

The departure of Italy from the EU is not something that can be considered seriously and realistically unless architectured from a systemic perspective. No country functions alone. Today, everyone is connected to everyone else. Our analysis of the Development Indicators published by the World Bank – there are nearly 400.000 of…

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