America was Destroyed in my Lifetime


I am a member of a fading generation of Americans who grew up in the 1940s and 1950s when the United States was anation.I was a member of a homogeneous population with a common language, Christian religion, common morality, and shared values and outlook. In Atlanta Georgia of those years people in middle class neighborhoods didn’t bother to lock their doors, and 5-year olds could safely walk a mile to school. There was conformity, but it was because we were in agreement. Life was good. Families were large and close. Neighborhood schools were run by teachers and parents (PTA). Discipline prevailed because of upbringing, not from abusive enforcement. There were no police in the schools.

In 1964 a civil rights act was passed that had the good intention of providing enforcement to the 14th Amendment, and in 1965 an immigration “reform” bill was passed. The civil rights act…

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