Musings of a Fellow Traveller

Loosing the Lion

A soul is a terrible thing to waste.  As Jesus called Matthew into his fellowship, so he calls out to each of us.  Walking with him and dining with him transforms our lives, our souls, and our minds.  Although he calls us all, the decision to respond is ours to freely make as it was with Matthew who gave up all that he had been, all that he had known, and all that he had owned.

Thoughts are mightier than swords

Buddha was not a great theologian, but he was a great thinker.  It has been remarked that he stated, “Everything we are is the result of how we think.  It begins where our thoughts begin, moves where our thoughts move, and ends where our thoughts end.”

His words convey how important it is that we must think rightly.  Sow a thought, reap an act.  Sow an act, reap a…

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