Legitimacy – the Foundation of Political Power

Integral Axis

The following constitutes the fundamental starting point. Everything to be done is to be done with this in mind.

What is sought is a revolution.

A revolution is primarily a mental phenomenon – it takes place in the minds of men first and foremost.

What is wanted is a long-term transfer of power out of the hands of the representatives of opposing ideologies (liberal democracy, post-Marxism, etc.), and into the hands of representatives of our ideology – that of the Right (fascism, national socialism, integralism, revolutionary conservatism, etc. – different terms for the same thing: the ideology of the Right applied within the context of technological and secular modernity.)

The power of whoever is in charge relies primarily on belief.

– the belief in the minds of others that their rule is good and correct. Nobody can rule without this.*

– and if that belief should…

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