Julian Assange Files Appeal

The Most Revolutionary Act

Julian Assange XI  8.26.2022.jpg

TIME Magazine – Political Prisoner of the Year – 12.27.2021

By Lee Heidhues 8.26.2022

Julian Assange has been been persecuted by the Brits and the Americans long enough.


The Wikileaks Whistleblower who exposed American  human rights abuses in Afghanistan and Iraq performed a heroic public service.

Assange has been under house arrest, first in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, and for three years in a British prison while his fight against extradition continues.

This is a human rights violation of the first order. The American government needs to stand down and let Julian Assange, now 51, get on with his life.

Excerpted from The Guardian 8.26.2022 (https://www.theguardian.com/media/2022/aug/27/julian-assange-files-appeal-against-us-extradition)

The Australian prime minister, Anthony Albanese, has previously stated “enough is enough” regarding Assange’s ongoing detention.

Lawyers for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange have filed an appeal against his extradition to the US, as the United Nations human rights chief lends support…

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