Gavin McInnes The First “Goy” Merrick Garland Gets

Banned Hipster

What did I say? I said Merrick Garland will go after all the NON Jews who collaborated with Trump’s Likud operation.

Gavin McInnes was known as “the Godfather of Hipster Racism” but only after I had popularized the term – see, I’m taking it back!

Forget all the 9/11 stuff, now I’m afraid they will bag me for the hipster racism. I admit it, I watched Curb Your Enthusiasm and laughed, don’t send me to Gitmo – I’m not proud of anything and I now choose to live my life as non-binary.

Laura Southern refused to go to occupied Palestine and then the Nazi movement claimed she was Jewish. Gavin went to Israel at the behest of that Zionist propagandist from Canada who had the Youtube channel, pushing the hardest core Zionist line.

He won’t get in trouble because he is Jewish and working for Mossad. But Gavin is Scottish…

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