Artificial stupidity

Critical AI & Data Justice in Society

“This post was written for you by our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence”

What do you think when you read that sentence?

If you have some knowledge of AI, chances are that you know that some statistical and mathematical methods were utilized to complete the task of writing the post. You know, that we’re not at the stage of having general artificial intelligence. Citing my colleague Helmi from her great article, “The true magic of Machine Learning is that it’s exceptionally great at pattern recognition, but not so talented in understanding if those patterns should be amplified further or not.”

If you are a statistical citizen, however, who gathers their information on AI from media and culture, your imagination can suggest a very different image. Maybe you are excited that an intelligent being understands your needs and interests and creatively writes something for you. Maybe you feel an anxiety that your…

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