Youtube’s Content Moderation Guidelines Revealed

Digital Empire

What if a real emergency comes up, and you couldn’t get the word out because someone on Youtube couldn’t stand to see truthful and balanced reporting on its platform? That is exactly what is happening here. Narcissists have been placed in charge of social media.

But in fact, this is something that we’ve all seen before. I remember George Bush’s Patriot Act in 2001, where it was understood by everyone that you couldn’t not self censor yourself online by avoiding explicit words such as “bomb,” or “middle east,” or even tangential concepts such as “pilgrimmage.” Otherwise your name would have been placed on a targeted harassment + no fly list, and you would be surveilled to a much finer degree than the rest of the folk misfortunate enough to have overlooked the memo. You were forced to reduce your lexicon in exchange for freedom. What a silly thing to do…

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