What happens when greed* replaces history, logic, and Passion?

TLAMN Incoming

Man Utd fans hold protest against Glazers as Liverpool supporters troll at Old Trafford

Please Note: These arseholes Sanitised my response — it’s the First One, btw — by forcing me to remove ” #GlazersOut ” from the text before Community Guidelines and Algos allowed the Comment to Post. I don’t say this to whinge, it is a Pattern. Dig In and check your LOS, and angles, and always maintain & clean your instruments.

The Article is as it appears on the original Webpage. Additional smartarse opinions are Italicised and denoted by parentheses, and represent MY Opinion Only, no claims nor assumptions beyond. Final-ish words on this matter: American Joos & Conglomerates need to stay away from Football. No matter how many shekels you have, when your arse can’t play any sport, you always have a note from the Dr, and as demonstrated by Todd Bohley at Stamford Bridge…

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