The Big Environment Issue of Tire Dust Affecting Fish for Whales and Dolphins.


The issue of declining fish populations and volumes are affecting the food source of killer whales who are technically dolphins and Canada has over 40 dolphin species notable is the Dall’s purpose which is rarely kept captive unl;Ike the bottle nose dolphin. The bottle nose eats 15 lbs of fish a day and the Dall’s porpoise at 450 lbs 150 heavier eats 30 lbs. The Dall’s porpoise is extremely energetic and can swim around 45 knots. The magic of creation and Neptune as an angel with spirits is the poop of cetaceans or whales is vital to fertilize O 2 creating plankton and thus the oceans require a large fish volume specifically reserved for cetaceans. Thus the Chinese over fishing global is a huge issue as is the environmental hazards of tire dust.

Wise public policy will impose taxes to avoid hidden subsidies as car accidents cost health care…

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