No Escape From Digital Surveillance

Media Activism and Politics

While surveillance practices date back to ancient times and are old as human history (Lyon, 2006), their forms have changed in the digital era. Electronic surveillance, digital surveillance, dataveillance are examples of new surveillance forms in today’s world. The common element for all new surveillance types is the interconnection of computing and surveillance (Fuchs, 2011). Because of the use of technological tools, extracting or creating personal or mass data is quite easy in the new surveillance forms (Marx, 2016. Many countries have attempted to regulate internet-based media landscapes with the subtle agenda: digital surveillance. In this essay, I will focus on the latest social media law in Turkey in the scope of digital surveillance.

Turkey’s digital surveillance policy has been structured into two important events: the 2013 Gezi protests and the failed coup attempt on 15th July 2016. (Unver, 2018, pp.94). Until the Gezi movement, the Government had not…

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