Global Village Construction

The Serpent's Loft

It can be hard to quantify mass phenomena. Take Globalism. The magnitude of it is in the name. Sure, Greekimedes can tell me the circumference of the globe. But that’s a number. It has as much value as a third grade math equation. Can any flavour of Pi act as a simulacrum for the experience of sailing around the Earth in 88 days?

I am inclined to say no.

Peradventure to imagine a scenario with me. A well-to-do woman and her husband have moved to a ramshackle neighbourhood with a friend or two. They talk amongst themselves and realise there is no carpenter. The wife suggests they call one. The husband feels he can make the necessary adjustments to their plot. It will be humble, but it will be theirs.

The wife argues that the peace of mind is worth it. After all, he’s not a carpenter. What’s a little…

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