Do not buy dwelling units in Australia (Victoria).

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Do not buy dwelling units in Australia (Victoria).

by tonytran2015.

In the State of Victoria of Australia, there is an Owners Corporation Act 2006 that governs the managements of dwelling units which are created from a common piece of property. These units are commonly known as flats, apartments, units or town houses.

Owners Corporation Act 2006 of Victoria makes it appear as if unit owners have democratic rights to choose the Committee who runs the collection of units for the benefit of lot owners.

The good intention of the Act had been totally subverted. The Committee was planned to operate like a small copy of the local government (as stated by the Act when it was introduced) but now Committee hides behind a contracted External Management company that is NOT regulated by the Act. This is a big (intentional?) fault of the Act. This is just like all the works…

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