Another Baath Party Official Assassinated by US-sponsored Terrorists in Southern Syria


Baath Party maintains the leading majority in the Syrian ruling coalition, unlike the Iraqi branch of it which split in a bloody divorce, the Syrian Baath Party remained steady on its principles and did not sell out to the USA like the one led by former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, its very existence and its officials are high on the targets of the US-led coalition of evil powers in the region.

Youssef Al-Zoubi, the Secretary of the Partisan Division, a member of the Bosra Al-Sham Division Command of the Baath Party was shot dead outside his house in the town of Al Musayfrah, a civilian at the site sustained a bullet injury in his foot, the attack was attributed by the Daraa Police HQ to masked gunmen, locals and analysts believe the attackers are from the US-sponsored ISIS remnants.

During the previous round of US-sponsored anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorism in…

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