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While much of the content of this post can be dismissed as ‘anecdotal sample of one’, I have for many years believed that observation to be somewhat fraudulent – rather in the same way that some self-styled “liberals” call any cultural reference a “stereotype” (to suggest it must be racist) when often it’s an archetype (that’s to say, empirically quite common). If I have been working with and among certain social groups, minorities, law officers, politicians, retailers, admen, petty criminals, bankers, actors, doctors, journalists and senior civil servants for half a century, any conclusions about such people will be based on large samples and multiple experiences. So as long as I don’t make “all”, “you can’t trust any” or similar sweeping statements, it seems to me I’m entitled to draw attention to certain attitudes and behaviours.

What I have perceived in recent months (really, since the turn of the year)…

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