Terrorism as a Factor of Production in a Coup

Inverted logic

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The subtle differences between various forms of political violence make it easy to confuse and conflate these categories. InThe Politics of Violence: Revolution in the Modern World (1968), citedBrian Crozierasserts that “… terrorism is a weapon of the weak..” (p.33). There may be veracity to this statement since creating an atmosphere of fear and unrest requires fewer resources than an actual coup d’état. A complete government takeover is likely to fail (p.82); due to onerous coordination costs. However, is it reasonable to separate terror from a coup? Temporally, terrorism campaigns could be an antecedent to a full-on takeover by an aspiring political faction.

It is feasible to see terrorism as ahigher order goodin the political entrepreneurship (p.143) of a coup d’état. Terror alone will not provide a subversive faction of global domination. However, “……

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