Research Reveals Chitin in Insects Harmful to Human Health

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The globalist World Economic Forum’s (WEF) goal seeks to one day rid humans of nutrient-dense meat proteins and shift them onto insect and plant-based diets. The WEF claims these novel types of diets are needed to control carbon emissions and to address exploding human population growth.

See below a video from the WEF – “You Will Eat Insects and Be Happy ” – learn more here.

The big push for us to start eating bugs is to save the planet. The table below shows how insects produce fewer greenhouse gases, use a lower amount of feedstock, require less land to produce, and have less water usage per unit of protein food produced.

Some companies taking the cue from the WEF are starting to add insects to their food products. See some of these products in the feature photo of this post. This could be a new…

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