A Simulated World? To What Purpose?

Not Something Else

No, I am not advocating or even suggesting that we live in a simulated world. Not that it is a question which doesn’t bear consideration. How many people for instance think The Matrix is real? A good many, you would think, based on how much it, or ideas from within it, get mentioned.

Is a simulated world even possible? Some folk think so, and are engaged even now in trying to build one. Some of those folks are serving members of the US Army.

I hadn’t given the thought any discernible time, personally – at least for some years. But today it was brought to my attention in a regular email newsletter from SourceForge – The Complete Open-Source and Business Software Platform. Contained in that newsletter was a story – via Slashdot (read this first) from Venturebeat – the self-styled ‘Data Decision Makers. The VB story titled ‘The U.S. Army…

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