Self-discipline is Best Tested During Struggles—Not When Everything is Going Well

Motivation & Environment

We are usually very confident in our level of self-discipline when we’re in our comfort zone where everything is going well and running smoothly; however, many come to realize that their self-discipline—if available at all—vanishes when they get into certain situations, especially those that are engulfed by struggles.

Struggles and hardships are a part of life, but they aren’t often fun to deal with. And while it is not necessary for us to run or get into situations that test our self-discipline or resolve to the limits, struggles and hardships can be valuable because they present an opportunity for personal growth, especially in areas of life where we really need to grow up, become successful, or stand out.

Most of us are not aware that we can strengthen our ability to handle even harder challenges or worse circumstances in the future if we man up and demonstrate courage or toughness…

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