NEW Survival Prepper: How to Fish Like Your Life Depended on it


Having Fish available is one of the best ways of getting your daily protein intake during an apocalyptic situation.There’s plenty of water around, but only a few have the skills to fish for their survival. Having a distinct advantage sets you apart from others and might come in handy down the line.

If it comes to fishing for your survival, there are a couple of different options. Like many non-preppers, you can take the more common approach and use rods and reels, but then there’s the storage issue, replacing broken equipment, and let’s not forget the cost of maintaining them.Or you can do what many other preppers prefer, which is a moreraw yet simple method for survival fishing.

We’ll talk about both.

Your Fishing Gear

Start by collecting the gear you need to catch fish, this will make it more budget-friendly to stockpile the items needed over time. For your…

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