Drugs are Killing Everyone: a look at the Netherlands


Scott Alexander wrote a good post about San Francisco’s well-known, tangled problems with drugs and homelessness. It’s fine, I don’t care too much about it, because I believe everyone understands that the US has a huge problem with drug-related deaths, no need to insist about it.

Now, one of the comments to that post includes what Scott himself describes as some excellent detective workby a user named “Sean,” who writes on drug use in the Netherlands, often cited as an example of successful drug policies:

1. You [Scott] write:

“San Fransicko’s description of Amsterdam solving its drug and crime problems matches the other sources I found, although I’m confused about how much harm reduction was involved.”

I’d dissent with your and Shellenberger’s description of the trends here.

2. If you go here:


(That’s the central bureau of statistics for the Netherlands.) It brings you to the underlying…

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