Another Day, Another Blow To Transportation Freedom

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From the team at CFACT ~

I dare someone to poll the owners of America’s 290 million automobiles, vans, SUVs, light trucks, and other medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Q: How eager are you for the U.S. government to force you to stop driving your existing vehicle and either rely on public transportation, walk, or purchase (or lease) a plug-in electric vehicle (and, for those with garages, personal charging station) within the next eight years?

A: __ Very eager __ Willing but not eager __ I cannot afford a new EV __ Are you out of your effing mind?

And yet, that is exactly what the Biden government – with near-complete cooperation from U.S. and foreign automakers – intends to force upon us all.

Don’t believe me? California cities and others are already banning new gasoline pumps. Washington just authorized massive new subsidies to help the rich into the nonexistent inventory…

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