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One of my great loves, and the thing about which I know a good deal, is symbology. People often smirk at this. Some ask me, “What’s in a symbol? What do I care?” Other, more interesting people understand their value but may not be confident either in their interpretation or structure. In this essay I will endeavour to discuss why it is that symbology as an extension of esoterica is valuable.

Symbolism is evocative, put simply. Symbols elicit an attraction of the mind to a deeper subject with which it is acquainted. Other times the symbol brings up feelings. Historically symbols, especially things like sigils, contained esoteric truths or hidden messages which were understood by the initiated. Understanding symbols opened one up to a world of higher comprehension and appreciation that the Grug-tier plebs could only scratch their heads at.

Our race once plainly understood something about reality, and not…

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