China is For Moving Forward; The West is For Moving Backward by Standing Still

Not Something Else

We are in a New Era – you may or may not have noticed, but it is true. The old era, the old ‘order’ as the totalitarians would have it, is left, dying slowly – as usually occurs in change of eras (except cataclysmic ones). And it seems that the new name for the new era has already been set. None other than Chinese President Xi Jinping, is using it by referring to the ‘New Era’. I like that.

The old era, whatever it started out as – I think that was back in the mid-20th century, following WW2 and was unofficially termed the Brave New World after the Aldous Huxley dystopian novel of that name, penned in the 1930s – and that is exactly how it turned out to be. It turned, in its final decades into something resembling an ‘order’- since ‘order’ is the totalitarian way. And…

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