How did python become so popular and dominant in the AI paradigm?

Netmaxims Technologies

Today, Python is one of the most popular and dominant programming languages to work in the AI domain. It is considered the best language for AI development because of its large community base, simplicity, platform independence, and many other reasons.

From numerical computing to machine learning, natural language processing, and more, Python has proven itself in delivering solutions to a lot of problems. It is so potentially amazing that Google Brain has created its own library on top of Python called Tensor Flow.

Even in terms of the most used programming languages in 2022 at the worldwide level, Python holds the 4th rank as per the Statista report. Wondering how it came so far and is ruling in the AI industry? Let us tell you.

Easy to Learn

Python abstracts away much of the complexity and boilerplate code in other languages. Thus, even a novice programmer can get started quickly…

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