The Declaration of Independence

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Note by Gary Aminoff:

The Declaration of Independence was about creating something – a new nation.

The organized Marxist destroyers, rioters and looters of today, that go by the name Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or whatever name, are not about creating…they are about destroying, erasing, canceling – an exercise in elimination. Their purpose and intent is to destroy America and assert a Marxist-type of government. An important part of their success is attributable to the consent of the elites of America. The people who run the country’s major institutions – in business, academia, bureaucracies, media, politics, book publishing, social media, museums, and philanthropies. The assent, if not outright support, by the elites provides legitimacy to this destructive movement. The Marxists would not succeed if they didn’t have the support of the press, the Democrat Party, and the elites, and the enormous financial funding from major corporate America.

America needs its…

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One thought on “The Declaration of Independence

  1. America needs a Second Declaration of Independence. It gave up the authenticity and essence of its First Declaration of Independence decades ago to Zionism and its ‘holy’ land platform Israel. Substitute “Marxists” for “Zionists” here, and then you’ll have it “right.”

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