Recklessness and nothingness reigns


Finnish Syntax

Klaus and Ursula, the Queen and the King. A perfect image of our times, and of a disappearing era.

How would you rationalize what’s going on?

I’m writing this blog just to point out that rational analysis has now become obsolete and impossible.

Our behavior or, rather, the behavior of our ruling elite, has become erratic, illogical and irrational; there is no strategy or coherence; there is no puppet master behind the curtain anymore. There is no point in trying to understand anything by using any canons of rationality. There is no point in trying to see patterns, or to find underlying reasons. Such will be our last moments.

I still see many bloggers and analysts trying. To no avail. Why did Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan? Are we trying to get into war with China, after we totally failed against Russia? What could be the point? Why is (Z)elensky…

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