Reality Bites: Germany’s Wind & Solar Transition Declared Abject Failure


The German government’s cultish obsession with wind and solar is a mixture of wishful thinking and mass delusion. Both have collided with reality as Vlad Putin continues to put the squeeze on Europe’s gas supplies – gas which has been used to run the banks of fast-start-up gas turbines essential to backing up mammoth, sudden and unpredictable collapses in wind and solar output.

Brave talk about wiping out nuclear and coal-fired power plants has largely evaporated.

And one German State’s Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer has come out and said what everyone has known all along: Germany’s asserted wind and solar transition is nothing short of a failure – one designed by dimwitted ideologues and cunning profiteers.

Energy Crisis: State Prime Minister Declares Green Energy Transition Has ‘Failed’
Peter Caddle
1 August 2022

Germany’s green energy transition from carbon fuels and nuclear energy to renewables has “failed”, a state Prime…

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